Mookuthi Amman Review: Think what Amman wants you to understand


Mookuthi Amman gave us quite the wait, it is now on Disney+Hotstar. The film was released on 14th November on Diwali eve as a festive release and part of the Disney+Hotstar multiplex initiative.

Directors NJ Saravanan and RJ Balaji have a played huge role in conveying a social message in a movie, without disgusting the audience or ending up in a sulk.

Cast: RJ Balaji, Nayanthara, Urvashi, Ajay Ghoshare, Moulee, Smruthi Venkat and Indhuja Ravichandran

Music: G.Girish

The film’s dynamics lies in the storyline. This modern era still has influencers that claim themselves to be God-sent and raise discomfiture in society. The film revolves around this as the base.

The first half of the movie also shows the woes and wants of RJ Balaji’s family that includes 3 sisters, their mother abandoned by her husband, and a grandfather that closed their hotel business since his son went missing, while still searching for their run-away father.

The devotional family plans to visit Lord Venkatesh in Thirupathi, but after several hindrances to their plan, the family finalizes that they visit their ancestoral temple of Goddess Mookuthi Amman (Nayanthara). As they stay for a night in the temple, RJ Balaji sees himself waking up to the Goddess’s call. While he can see the deity and others can’t, is a part of the comedy that the movie intends to carry.

RJ Balaji works as a reporter for a local TV channel in their town but has been living a content life until the Goddess asks him for a wish.

Being the eldest son of the family, all the worries that pop up in his mind are about bearing the weight of the family, while his devotional mother constantly insists on going on devotional tours.

The movie is quite different from the conventional movies that were filmed in the past in the Tamil film industry. With a few emotional scenes to capture the family audience and lots of humor to keep the young audience hooked and a good take home message, the movie is a fairly good family movie as it claims.

Nayanthara’s Amman getup is the talk of the town, quite a modern Amman we must say. The scenes in which she appears is subtle without showing excessive devotion, but carrying it along with the other characters’ plot is appreciable. The interaction between RJ Balaji and Amman is funny and thoughtful.

Ajay Ghoshare appears as Bhagavathi Baba, who calls himself the representative of God, plans to occupy a vast forest region that includes water sources for nearby villages and developing in into an ashram. Behind the scenes, that’s where the money flows and foreign exchange comes into play.

Together Amman and RJ Balaji along with his family, work against the fake saint to make apparent the bad deeds committed by him and also bring back his father. What happens, in the end, is the basic Amman story.

The usage of the cast especially experienced actors like Urvashi and Moulee is a drawback. They could’ve been used more thoughtfully.

The first half of the movie is humorous and entertaining when compared to the second half, but the movie is a package of all that you need.

If you’re up for a good movie that makes you think and feel good in the end, then this is it.





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